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Novemberfestivalen gratulerar Lilly Tembe

Lilly TimbeNovemberfestivalen gratulerar Lilly Tembe och filmen ”Min själbiografi” (Novemberfestivalen 2013 vinnare av Bästa film Mellanviktsklassen) till Golden Clip-pris vid REC-Filmfestival Berlin.

Juryns motivering:
You can`t choose the pair of shoes you are given in life. And if this pair chases your head in a constant sprint between two poles, one thing is clear: it ain`t gonna be an easy journey! In Min Själbiografi, the filmmaker Lilly Tembe tells the touching story of learning to live with bipolarity. It is a playful, poetic and smart autobiography that makes us feel her different moods and the desperate search for a ”true self” .

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